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The prototype of modern sudoku is considered to be the game "magic square" which was invented in China and since then became popular all over the world. First jigsaw puzzles of such a type appeared in printed issues and afterwards became very popular all over the world.


Sudoku online is a wonderful opportunity to solve your favourite jigsaw puzzle sitting in front of your computer's monitor. You don't need to install or to download the game - play it online in our site.

The rules of the game are very simple: having at your disposal a game field, you should place there the figures in such a way so as they not to be repeated in line, column or little square. You are choosing the level of jigsaw puzzle's complexity, the variant you like, and start the game. The more figures are placed at the beginning of the game, the more simple for you will be to solve sudoku.

Game control can be fulfilled with the help of mouse. You are choosing the figure you are going to place in game field square and put it into. In case of necessity any of them can be changed to the other. It is impossible to change only the figures which were represented at the beginning of the game. If you don't succeed in solving sudoku from the very first, you can repeat the same variant or select another one.

If it is more comfortable for you to have jigsaw puzzle always at your disposal, you can download sudoku. Many variants of sudoku can be solved as in electronic as in printed versions. Sudoku demands a high concentration of attention because one wrong step can lead to player's failing in sudoku. Besides, jigsaw puzzle develops logical thinking and memory.

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The other (more complicated modifications) containing more than 9x9 crossword cells have recently appeared. There are sudokus with the sizes 15x15 or even 25x25 intended for experienced players.

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