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Sudoku is an ancient jigsaw puzzle, whose prototype appeared many centuries ago but became famous only in 1979. Just within this period of time one American journalist represented sudoku to the press and that fact became an impulse for further development and popularity of logical game.

Download sudoku


Sudoku is a very captivating game which can be available in electronic version. You will not have to look for jigsaw puzzle in printed editions or in collections of logical games. You are just downloading sudoku and installing it at your computer. The game is available for all users absolutely free of charge. We have chosen the most interesting variant of sudoku game having downloaded which, you will be able to enjoy the game in full measure.

The rules of sudoku are as follows: you must place the figures from 1 to 9 in the square sized 9x9 in such a way that they will not be repeated in a small square, line or column. It is not so easy to do it. To solve sudoku will take enough of your free time, and only few will succeed in doing this from the very first.

The virtual game of sudoku has the number of advantages. You don't need to prepare the field, line the square and place the figures. Just select the variant of sudoku you like and start to solve it.

The system requests are minimal and that's why the game can be started at any computer, equipped with operational system Windows.

If Internet is available for you constantly, you can play at sudoku online. This variant don't need to be downloaded, the jigsaw puzzle is loading in your browser which is very easy and fast. The figures are placed and deleted with the help of mouse. Choose the level of complexity (Easy, Medium, Hard) and begin to place the figures.

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In modern view sudoku appeared first in one of American magazines of puzzle in 1979. The author of the puzzle was the citizen of the USA, retired architect Horward Garns, aged 74.

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