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Sudoku Puzzle Game

As many eastern jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku can be found in published forms of mess-media, collections of jigsaw puzzles or at entertainment sites. The history of sudoku goes back to China. Directly there was invented the first prototype of the game called "magic square". The author of this game is considered to be the mathematician who determined that it was possible to write the figures from 1 to 9 in field with parameters 9x9 and while doing this it was not necessary to repeat them.

Sudoku Puzzle Game


Sudoku known to us appeared in 1979 and it was published in the magazine of crosswords and jigsaw puzzles. Now sudoku can be found practically in every publishing issue.

To solve sudoku can take you from one minute to several hours. The complexity depends how many numbers have already been placed in the cells of game field. The more numbers are, the more simple for you will be to solve jigsaw puzzle. Remember, that the numbers can not be repeated in line, column or small square of game field.

For the beginners there are small or standard sudokus. For the persons who are fond of more complicate jigsaw puzzles it can be the game sized 15x15 or 25x25.

In order to make the game more simple, you can download sudoku and while doing this you will have the big choice of new jigsaw puzzles which can be solved any time suitable for you. The loading file does not take too much place and the installation will be done in a few seconds.

Sudoku online is also considered to be an easy variant. This is a flash game which doesn't require any downloading and you will be able to play in your browser. Sitting at your computer's monitor is considered to be a nice and comfortable way of sudoku solving. The rules remain the same as for the standard "paper" game.

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The other (more complicated modifications) containing more than 9x9 crossword cells have recently appeared. There are sudokus with the sizes 15x15 or even 25x25 intended for experienced players.

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